Who We Are

Who We Are

We are John and Cyndi Dellinger.  We bought The Laboratory Mill from Preservation North Carolina on the very last day of 2007 and spent the next 6 years, 6 months and 24 days renovating it.  Well, that’s how long it took us to open.  We’re STILL renovating parts of it!

John is a consultant for the corrugation industry and specializes in electrical controls.  He sometimes travels but if he’s not out of town, he will most often be found somewhere around the mill.  He’s the one who helps everybody who comes in with whatever they need.  He takes southern hospitality seriously!

Cyndi is an electrical engineer by day and hostess (and window washer and web keeper, etc. ) at the mill by night (and weekends).  She works a lot behind the scenes, ordering materials, hanging fabrics, and keeping up with all the government paperwork (and there’s definitely plenty of that!)

Photograph by: Jessica Kait Photography

This is J Dellinger.  He certainly never thought he’d end up in the wedding business!  He’s in charge of marketing and just loves going to bridal shows.


Photograph by: Jessica Kait Photography

This is some of our fantastic staff!  When we’re not having fun on employee appreciation day, we’re helping you plan and execute your events!

And this is The Laboratory Mill.  It took us the first 6 months just to clear out the trees and brush enough to see the mill.  Then we started getting rid of extra dirt, the extra newer additions, and a dock.  We moved dirt, sanded columns and floors, repaired roofs, and had some house builders come jack up the columns in the basement to add foundations.  We scraped and painted and sawed.  It’s a good thing we had good help too.

We’re currently working on the card room, the bottom floor of the river wing (aka, “the basement”).  We’re looking forward to getting it open as it has a completely different feel than the upper floors of the mill.  Future plans also include a catering kitchen and a deck overlooking the river.

Oh, and can I tell you about the red wash?  It took us a long time just to get the recipe.  Red wash is a stain, not a paint, used to cover all the various shades of brick with a uniform shade of red.  It’s made out of iron oxide, alum, and hide glue.  It has to be cooked on the stove and I’m here to tell you, personally, that hide glue smells just as bad as it sounds like it would.  And iron oxide is a powder and goes absolutely everywhere, all on top of the microwave, in the cracks of the dishwasher, and in and on all the cabinets nearby.  Ugh.

Photograph by: Crystal Stokes Photography

This is a list of fantastic vendors!  The caterers have been carefully chosen for their expertise so brides are asked to select from this list for assurance of a stress-free experience.  Other than the caterers, the other lists are wonderful choices but not required.