Why do we require you to choose from our list of caterers?

Because we learned a very valuable lesson the first year we were in operation when we allowed any and all caterers.    

Some of the caterers didn't bring enough food.  Some didn't bring sweet 'n low.  Some didn't even bring the tea or cups!

Besides being a bad reflection on us, our clients weren't getting the type of service WE wanted them to have on their special day.  It's YOUR day and we want it to be as stress-free as possible.  This includes a caterer who will be professional, provide GREAT food, and FANTASTIC service to you and your guests.

So, without further ado, here is our list of our preferred caterers:

C&G Catering

Versatile menu with many options. 

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Hurley Catering (formerly LKN Weddings & Events Catering)

Specializing in catering and event design.  

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Jackson's Kitchen Catering

Varied menu but specializing in Southern Cuisine.

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City Barbecue and Catering

A little obvious :), but they serve BBQ (and other smoked meats) along with some really great sides. 

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Fresh Chef Catering

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