Outdoor Wedding? Or a beautiful, WORRY FREE Indoor Wedding with Captivating Outdoor Photo Opportunities?

Do you really want to worry about the weather for weeks before your wedding day?

We all know what humidity does to our hair, right? To say nothing of rain! And what if it's windy? Or snowing?

We've heard that it's supposed to be good luck, but do you really want rain on your wedding day? Personal experience: After an entire week of incessant rain, we had multiple brides call and e-mail asking about our availability for the next Saturday which was still expecting (and indeed, delivered) more of the same. We were so sad to turn them away as we had been booked well in advance of the inclement weather.

Here's our version of bad weather weddings

All of the beauty without any of the worry!

Photo by Tristin Nicole Photography

Photo by Christina Forbes

What type of extra costs you can expect with an outdoor wedding:

  • Tent $3100

  • What? You want walls? $2.25/ft.

  • And doors? $300

  • Small Dance Floor $300

  • Basic Lighting $1.75/ft.

  • Tables $11 each

  • Chairs $8 each

  • Basic Linens $10 each

  • Patio Heaters (in cooler weather) $275 each

  • Tent Fans (in warmer weather) $50 each

  • Noisy Power Generator $150

  • Portable Restroom $1250

Total for a typical 150 guest wedding - $8520!!!

Compare that to the value you receive at The Laboratory Mill where NONE of this is necessary!

Above photos by Indigo Photography and Video

But you love nature and want beautiful photos. We understand! We have you covered!

The Laboratory Mill is resplendent, inside and out. With scenic views of the Southfork River and our very own dam, greenery galore, trees, and lovely landscaping, your photographer will be blown away with all the gorgeous possibilities for breathtaking wedding photographs.

Photo by Jim Trice Photography

Photo by Sallie Ard Mosely (Sparrow Song Photography)

Photo by Jim Trice Photography

Above photos by Indigo Photography and Video

And even when indoors, with our many large windows, you can actually FEEL the outdoors!